Keystone KSTRC312CW Compact 2-Door Refrigerator/Freezer

Almo, the manufacturers of Keystone products have always given customers top of the line products at affordable prices. With many of their products, they opt for quality over quality, and are continuously striving to give customers, both old and new the best possible experience. That commitment to quality is seen in this durable, stylish mini fridge, with the separate freezer compartment.

Keystone KSTRC312CW Review

The Keystone KSTRC312CW Compact 2-Door Refrigerator/Freezer is one of unique that we have reviewed. This model features double doors, which means you have a defined refrigerator, and exclusive freezer compartment. Customers have been raving that it is a shrunken version of their kitchen refrigerator. Whether you need it for your common area, office, or dorm, you can quickly stock this unit with all of the goodies you need, without fear of melting!


This model is listed with an interior capacity of 2.2 cubic feet. The freezer is listed at .9 cubic feet.

Drawers and Shelves:

This 2-Door model has two separate areas. In the refrigerator, you have a crisper drawer, located at the bottom of the fridge. You also have two high-quality glass shelves that are mounted in place for added security. You also have storage in the doors of both the freezer and freezer and fridge.

Freshness Options:

Keystone has several features that allow you to keep your food and drinks at their optimum freshness. With a separate freezer section, food will stay frozen without worrying about overchilling the rest of the contents. A crisper drawer is also included in the model, which is unique for a mini fridge as not many brands carry this particular feature.

Temperature Control:

Temperature is controlled mechanically, and you can adjust it by accessing the dial located in the refrigerator.

Voltage and Certification:

The Keystone KSTRC312CW Compact 2-Door Refrigerator/Freezer IS Energy Star certified and requires 120v. With this standard usage, you can place this unit anywhere you have access to an outlet! From a garage, man cave, to the lobby of your business, it is the perfect fit.


The compact design of this mini fridge is quite standard across the industry. Keystone also has reversible door hinges for both compartments, which means the doors can open to the left or right, depending on your preference.

Finish and Materials:

When bringing in a new appliance to your establishment, you want to make sure that it will fit in with the existing décor. In modern colors of white and black, this unit will fit any setting. Not to mention, it is able to handle wear and tear very well due to being constructed of high-quality steel. The interior is plastic for easy cleaning and sanitizing.


  • 20 x 18.5 x 33.2 inches
  • Refrigerator: 2.2 cu. ft.
  • Freezer: 0.9 cu. ft.
  • Weight: 57 pounds (Ships at 64 pounds)


This unit is covered by a 1-year warranty for parts and labor.

What Others Are Saying:

“I saw a lot of reviews saying their unit came damaged. They must have fixed this problem because my mini fridge came without any sign of harm. The box was dented, but the packaging protected the fridge inside.”

“When I opened the box, I was really surprised to see how much it was like my full-size kitchen unit. We put this mini one in the parlor for when we have guests, or my daughter has a slumber party. Awesome mini fridge, it really packs a punch.”

“Nowhere did I see anything about how loud it was, so I took the chance when I ordered. It is so very quiet! Which is great because I have it about 2 feet from my bed. College dorms are tiny, and this fit perfectly!”

If you are pressed for space, this 2-Door option will give you the best of both worlds, without having to spend an arm and a leg. Keystone and their parent company Almo are dedicated to customer service and are very quick to respond to any inquiries. So if you are looking for a more realistic option for your office, gym, dorm, or even at home, this model will fit into your existing plans and make you question what you ever did without it.


  • Quiet and compact
  • Energy Star certified
  • Customizable height and door swing direction
  • Separate refrigerator and freezer compartments


  • Must be freestanding
  • Rather small (2.2 cubic ft)
  • Box will display what it contains

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