Galanz 3.1 Cu.Ft the Perfect Retro Fridge? Full Review

Galanz GLR31TRDER Retro Fridge, 3.1 Cu.Ft, Red

There is a clear and unmistakable resurgence of retro designs in recent years, both in lifestyle and popular culture. Today, these fun and nostalgic designs are also making their way into home appliances—the Galanz 3.1 Cu. Ft Retro Fridge is an excellent example of this fresh trend. Whether it drums up childhood memories or you’re just a fan of its aesthetics, retro designs simply add more life and color to your homes. 

However, is it the best retro fridge out there today? If you’ve been scouring the web for honest answers, your search ends here. We want to provide a comprehensive, reliable, and unbiased review of this handy fridge to anyone out there who needs it. 

Today, choosing the right refrigerator depends on several factors. And most of these factors usually slip out of our minds when we’re actually out shopping or browsing. So, it’s crucial to stay informed of the models or brands that will suit your needs. The global market for refrigerators is expected to grow up to $130 billion dollars in the next few years. This means there will be even more variety in the type, styles, and features of refrigerators. So, a good understanding of your fridge is crucial before you buy a new one. 

The Galanz 3.1 Cu. Ft Retro Fridge is a distinct model that comes with some handy features. We want to take you through all the information and features in detail. This way, you know exactly what you’re getting when you go for this excellent fridge. 

Factors to Consider before you buy

Before we begin the review, it will be helpful for us to understand what to look at. With the development of new fridge technology, it’s hard to keep track of every single new feature. But some parameters are universal and relevant to everyone. If you can keep track of these attributes, you’ll get a fridge that fits your requirements

  • Capacity
  • Dimensions
  • Style and Design
  • Defrosting
  • Energy efficiency
  • Additional Features

Okay, so we have a general idea of what matters and what to look for. Now, let’s look at the Galanz 3.1 Cu.Ft Retro Fridge in the light of these parameters. 

The Galanz 3.1 Cu.Ft Retro Fridge

The Galanz 3.1 Cu. Ft Retro Fridge is one of the best-looking fridges if you’re a fan of vintage designs. The evocative look gives it a dash of fun while still being classy and colorful. While the look is classic, the mechanism is all modern and up-to-date. So, you always get the utility of a modern-day appliance while enjoying the aesthetics of bygone days. 

Like any other fridge, we’ll have to take it through the significant parameters to see how it fares. This way, we’ll get a more balanced understanding of the appliance and how it works. We’ve used the Galanz 3.1 Cu.Ft Retro Fridge in our office kitchen for a few years now. And so far, it has delivered on all its features. 

Let’s look at this retro fridge in closer detail. 


The Galanz 3.1 Cu. Ft Retro Fridge, as the name suggests, comes with 3.1 Cu.Ft of storage. So, it’s not the best choice for bigger families. You might find the capacity slightly limiting when you have to store food varieties for the whole family. But it does have more significant variants that come with the same look and features. They offer 12 Cu. Ft variant that gives you almost four times the storage space. Also, there are five more sizes in between that you can pick from. 

For the 3.1 variant, the freezer and main compartment have about 0.95 and 2.08 Cu. Ft respectively. It’s more than enough for a bachelor living alone. And it should be great for homes with two or three occupants.

 I’ve found that it works great in our office kitchen because we don’t store monthly rations for everyone at one go. So, even if we have many colleagues, it serves the purpose quite well for us. I’m also planning to get it for my recreational room downstairs when it’s complete. There are a lot of situations where the 3.1 Cu. Ft works better than bigger fridges. And, the Galanz Retro Fridge hits the mark in those cases. 


I think the size makes the Galanz 3.1 Retro Fridge versatile. It has a height of 35.16 inches. The width measures about 19.17, and the depth is 23.31 inches. So, there’s no doubt that it’s one of the most space-saving appliances in the house. 

Since it can fit almost anywhere, you can keep shifting its position based on your space and room plan. Bigger fridges may offer more capacity, but they take up an unreasonably large amount of space. And if your kitchen or office space isn’t ample, it can be a huge problem. Plus, the Galanz 3.1 weighs only about 58 pounds. So, it’s one of the most light-weight refrigerators around, given its dimensions. 

The size is another reason why I’m planning to use it for my recreational room. It doesn’t hog space but still offers enough storage for a few cold ones, snacks, and fresh fruits. Make sure you measure the intended space in your kitchen or room before shopping for fridges. Knowing the dimensions will save you a ton of trouble. 

Style and Design

The Galanz 3.1 Cu. Ft Retro Fridge comes with a top-freezer design. So, you have the freezer on the upper level and the main refrigeration on the bottom level. It’s a tried and true design that you’ll find in most refrigerators. 

This design is more convenient for people who use the freezer more frequently. But it serves all types of users well, to be honest. That’s why it’s the most common fridge design you’ll see in the market. 

The main refrigerator in the bottom has removable shelves and a crisper. You can reposition the glass shelves to accommodate food items of different sizes. The crisper occupies almost half the space in the bottom level. So, there’s ample space to store both fruits and vegetables for your dietary requirements.  

Of course, the style comes with an unmistakable retro look that takes you back to the fabulous days. The striking red color reminds you of the colorful hues of the 60s and 70s. The Galanz 3.1 can fit into any modern abstract décor seamlessly. However, it can also stand out as a unique item in your house. It all depends on where and how you position it. 


Defrosting is a crucial element in refrigerators. It affects the usability, convenience, and durability of the appliance. Most modern refrigerators come with automatic defrosting. This is a practical feature because you don’t have to deal with ice build-up in the freezer. But it consumes more energy, and it also makes your fridge noisier. 

The Galanz 3.1 Cu. Ft Retro Fridge stays true to its classic design with a Partial Automatic Defrost function. This means the main fridge compartment performs automatic defrosting every time you turn the appliance off. But you’ll have to handle the freezer manually. 

Usually, it means turning the freezer off and leaving the doors open at room temperature for some time. Although it sounds like extra work, there are benefits here. First, it means your unit will consume less power compared to auto defrost units. Also, the price will be more affordable because you’re willing to do the manual bits. Finally, it also means your fridge is better at maintaining uniform temperatures across the compartments. 

Energy Efficiency

The energy consumption of refrigerators today is one of the most important factors to consider. Temperature regulating appliances like refrigerators and ACs are among the top emitters of harmful gases. In addition to this, having an energy-efficient refrigerator means you can cut down on those utility bills too. So, it’s a win-win approach to home-improvement and environmental consciousness. 

The Galanz 3.1 Cu. Ft Retro Fridge comes with an Energy Star rating. The Energy Star is like a label that the EPA gives to products and companies that deliver better energy-efficiency. So, the fear of power bills going through the roof will no longer concern you. The way it works is that it uses an R600 compressor. This compressor works with maximum efficiency with low noise. So, you get faster cooling with lower power consumption. 

If you use the appliance correctly, you can save up to 20% of your current utility bills. If you take all your annual power bills into account, that’s like saving a small fortune for the holidays—the Galanz 3.1 Ct. Ft Retro Fridge’s Energy Star rating ensures that it follows all these mandatory regulations. Better yet, it ensures that you get minimal utility bills while enjoying optimum power levels. 

Additional Features

Refrigerators can have similar or widely varying capabilities when it comes to features. It’s helpful to know some extra features that set the Galanz 3.1 apart from the competition. While we can find some features across several models, others can be unique to your particular model. Let’s look at some stand-out features of the Galanz 3.1 Cu. Ft. Retro Fridge. 

Double Chrome Handle

Both the door handles come with chrome-plating that makes them stand out on the red background. The retro-style handle reminds you of the allure of style and décor during the 50s and 60s. 

If you’re installing it yourself, the handles slide sideways into position. Once they lock in place, they’re sturdy. I find the horizontal orientation more convenient these days because you can reach out from any angle. 


Another great feature of Galanz 3.1 is the low levels of noise. The manufacturers have tagged the noise level at 42 dB. That’s just slightly higher than the noise level in your average library. This feature is also connected to the low power consumption. The R600 ensures that there is optimum use of energy with minimal running noise. 

So, you get a compact machine that doesn’t announce its arrival every time you turn it on. If you enjoy quiet and serene kitchens or areas, the Galanz 3.1 is a great choice. 


The Galanz 3.1 Cu. Ft Retro Fridge may come with a year’s warranty on durability. The warranty usually covers both material defects and quality issues. If you detect any flaws in the system, they offer repair or replacement, depending on the situation. 

Of course, like any other product, it only covers the original purchase. Therefore, it doesn’t apply to damages that result from misuse, abuse, or poor maintenance. 

Mechanical Thermostat

You’ll find the mechanical thermostat in the top-right corner of the main compartment. There’s a dial that you can use to control the temperature. Remember that the numbers on the knob do not represent actual temperature levels. Essentially, it means the more significant the number, the more relaxed your system. For example, keeping the dial at zero will stop the cooling process and hold power. You can dial the knob up to a level 6-7 during summer. And, you can use the lower 1-2 levels during winter. 

The main compartment can move between temperatures of 32 – 47°F. The freezer should remain well below freezing temperatures even in default settings. 

Contents during purchase

The packaging for the Galanz 3.1 Cu. Ft Retro Fridge should contain the following:

  • The Refrigerator
  • Removable Shelf made of Glass
  • Crystal crisper with a glass cover
  • The power cord
  • A user manual and warranty card. 

Final Thoughts

The Galanz 3.1 Cu. Ft Retro Fridge is, beyond a doubt, one of the coolest (pun intended) models available today. Is it the best retro fridge? Well, if you consider the balanced features and reliable performance, I’m inclined to agree. 

There may be other retro designs that come with more features. However, it will come at a higher price tag. You can’t find many models that provide this kind of functionality and décor—the Galanz 3.1 Cu in this price range. Ft could very well be the best retro fridge at this price range. 

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