Best Refrigerator With A Ice Maker

Are you wondering about the best ice maker refrigerator available in the market? Today, various technologically enhanced ice maker refrigerators are worth giving a shot. And in this article, we have listed the five best refrigerators with ice makers found in the market today.

Continue reading this article as we delve into some of the aspects of this refrigerator type. Plus, we will answer some of the commonly asked questions, including:

  • Are ice makers in the fridge worth it?
  • What refrigerators make a lot of ice?
  • Do all French door refrigerators have ice maker problems?

Best Ice Maker Refrigerator Are:

  • Kenmore 71219
  • Kenmore 36′ Side-by-Side Refrigerator
  • RCA RFR1055
  • Frigidaire FFH2750TS
  • Winia WTE18HSBCD
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Top Pick: Kenmore 71219

Kenmore 71219 is a 21-cu.ft. Capacity top freezer refrigerator provides enough room to store your drinks and foods. It comes with a built-in ice maker where you can have quality ice for your cocktails right away. The fridge also comes with LED lighting allowing you to have a better inside view of the refrigerator. 

What we like

Spacious storage 

This refrigerator has multiple shelf spaces to hold different jugs, bottles, and containers. It also comes with adjustable split shelves to store leftovers and foods. 

Cooling system

It comes with an adjustable cooling system to keep the freshness of your food intact, plus save bills on energy. Additionally, the freezer is anti-frost, preventing you from defrosting constantly.


It’s a well-designed refrigerator that offers convenience and flexibility. You can place it anywhere, including the garage, as it’s built with garage-ready technology features. 


  • It’s a low and easy maintenance top freezer refrigerator.
  • The fridge is Energy Star certified, proving its efficient energy usage.


  • Installation of an ice maker is pretty complex.

Are ice makers in the fridge worth it?

We cannot give a definite answer to this as the answer may vary for different people. When you look at the convenient aspect, it’s worth it as all you need is to press a lever, and your glass is filled with ice. Moreover, you don’t have to buy a portable ice maker that will take up extra space in your kitchen. 

Looking at the cons, a refrigerator with an ice-maker or water dispenser can be pretty expensive. Additionally, this fridge type has more breakdown issues compared to regular ones. Plus, the addition of an ice maker takes up storage space in the refrigerator. 

What refrigerators make a lot of ice?

There are multiple refrigerators from different brands known for producing a large quantity of ice. With the advent of technology and innovation, refrigerators with built-in ice makers produce almost the same amount of ice from a portable ice maker. 

For instance, Bosch 500 Series with its QuickPro system allows you to mint 40 cups of ice in a day. Additionally, it has been reported that 83% of individuals have a glass of ice per day, plus 66% go to the store to buy ice once a month.

Various models from different manufacturers, including Samsung, Kenmore, Frigidaire, and more, have built-in ice makers producing a large quantity of ice in a day. Before purchasing a refrigerator, it would be better to look at its features and buy as per your needs and preferences. 

Do all French door refrigerators have ice maker problems?

Not all French door refrigerators have ice maker problems. You should note that the quality of a fridge differs as per the manufacturer. So, when you’re buying a French door or any refrigerator, make sure to look at the aspects before you invest it.

Undeniably, we have heard complaints about French door refrigerators, but like the saying, nothing is perfect. You may have an issue with your fridge requiring constant repair because of the additional feature or spacing issue. 

Regardless, it’s to be noted that multiple fridge manufacturers have French door refrigerators with compact design and excellent functionality. All you need is to have proper research before getting one for yourself.

What kind of water makes clear ice?

Distilled or bottled water purified using RO (Reverse Osmosis) makes clear ice. You can also use tap water to make ice, but it may not be clear compared to ice cubes made from distilled water. 

When you fill a glass of tap water, you will see air bubbles on the side. The bubbles form inside the ice cubes because the dissolved air is incompatible with an ice crystal. If you freeze water right away, the ice forms before the air can escape from the bubbles. 

Therefore, tap water ice cubes aren’t clear as the air bubbles are stuck within the ice.

Do ice maker refrigerators use more energy?

The possibility of an ice maker refrigerator using more energy is likely. It’s been reported that the energy consumption of ice makers increased from 12% to 20 %. Whether non-automatic or automatic ice makers, the freezer will remain cold. The motor releases the ice bits on the tray, and for this process, it has a heating mechanism inside a freezer. And to do this process requires power which leads to additional energy costs.

Fortunately, newer models with Energy Star certification consume less energy than older models. It’s also advisable to switch off the ice maker if you don’t need ice. You can turn it on when you’re running low on ice or need to make it.

Refrigerator’s AgeAnnual Electricity ConsumptionAnnual Cost (based on $0.14 per kWh)Carbon Emissions
10 years or less440 kWh$62686 pounds
15-20 years651 kWh$921015 pounds
Approximately 25 years old1031 kWh$1451067 pounds
More than 30 years2018 kWh$2823146 pounds
2020 Energy Star certified model350 kWh$48540 pounds

How much power does an ice maker fridge consume on average?

There is no definite answer to this as it depends on the refrigerator’s size. Usually, the power wattage in a fridge ranges between 100-400 watts. To know the estimated energy consumption by the refrigerator, check the EnergyGuide sticker that comes with the appliance. Your refrigerator should have this energy label as it’s made mandatory for manufacturers to add this sticker.

Here are some tips to reduce your refrigerator’s power consumption:

  • Dust off your fridge once in a week or two, especially around air vents and fans. Your fridge may have to put extra energy if it gets clogged because of debris or dirt.
  • You should see that your fridge or freezer door has proper sealing so that air won’t escape. If there is a leak, your refrigerator will put in additional energy to keep a balanced temperature.
  • The temperature of your fridge should be 37-degree Fahrenheit or below, and the freezer should be 0-degree Fahrenheit. If it’s lower, then you’re simply wasting energy.

What does the energy rating on my fridge mean?

Energy rating indicates how well your fridge fares in energy consumption. It measures electrical input from a cooling or heating device and compares it with output energy. If a refrigerator output is high but consumes less electrical energy consumption, then it’s considered an efficient appliance. Additionally, it receives a good rating. 

If an electrical device has a low energy rating, there is high energy consumption that may probably increase your electricity bill. So, before purchasing a refrigerator, make sure to see the energy rating. For instance, a refrigerator with Energy Star certification indicates that it uses less energy and has excellent features.

What do you get when you pay more for a fridge?

You can expect multiple benefits if you opt for a high-cost refrigerator. Various models from different manufacturers offer costly and high-tech features that will leave you spell-bound. That said, it’s advisable to look into various aspects, including size, types, budget and more, before you get one.

Note that high-quality refrigerators are also available at an affordable price. Various brands manufacture models with quality features and make them available at a reasonable price. All you need is to research correctly and compare the models to choose one that’s suitable for you.

Kenmore 36′ Side-by-Side Refrigerator

This model from Kenmore is 25 cu. Ft., perfect for families as it can have enough space for different food storage. It has freshness technology that keeps your foods tasty and fresh. 

What we like

Flexible storage 

It comes with an adjustable storage option where you can store tall bottles and wine jugs. Additionally, it has a humidity-controlled drawer at the bottom to keep your vegetables and fruits fresh and crisp.

Easy to clean

This refrigerator is easy to clean because of its adjustable and removable shelves.

In-door ice and water dispenser

The fridge comes with a dual ice and water dispenser, allowing you to have freshwater or ice in the glass by pressing the lever. It also has a built-in window for an ice dispenser, allowing you to see ice levels. 


  • It’s easy to clean and maintain the fridge.
  • It’s a compact design model suitable for families and in apartments.


  • The refrigerator doesn’t have Energy Star certification.


The retro-design refrigerator RCA is perfect for any family size as it’s spacious and doesn’t take much space for storage. It’s a 10-cu. Ft. fridge that can store containers and bottles of varied sizes because of its adjustable shelves.

What we like 

Removable shelves

It comes with five removable shelves where you can adjust shelves according to your requirements.


The refrigerator is compact in design and takes minimal space for storage. It’s suitable for dormitories, offices and kitchens.

Adjustable temperature 

You can adjust the fridge’s temperature as it comes with a thermostat knob, plus you can push the knob in the center to defrost.


  • The fridge takes less space allowing you to place anywhere you want.
  • It comes with spillproof glass shelves, making it easier to clean.


  • Poor customer service.

Frigidaire FFH2750TS

Frigidaire FFH2750TS is a large capacity refrigerator perfect for large families. This model comes with advanced features, including a filtration system, multiple LED lighting, etc.

What we like

Filtration system

This refrigerator comes with a PureSource Ultra II filtration system keeping your water safe from lead and cysts.

Adjustable storage

This model has adjustable internal storage allowing you to customize or organize the way you want.

Multi-LED lighting

One of the good aspects of this refrigerator is the availability of multi-LED lighting, allowing you to have a better view inside.


  • The refrigerator comes with advanced features and has good functional aspects.
  • It has a dual ice maker feature allowing you to make ice for the second time.
  • The refrigerator is Energy Star certified, which means it consumes less energy and provides efficient performance.


  • It doesn’t come with a water line, and you have to buy a water supply line separately.


This model from Winia is a large-capacity refrigerator allowing you to store food without any issue. Additionally, it’s a space-saving appliance and can be placed even in small spaces.

What we like

Garage ready

This refrigerator has a built-in temperature sensor allowing adaptability to any climatic condition.

Multi-air flow

The air vents are placed appropriately in this refrigerator, thus allowing even airflow and keeping the temperature even. 

Inverter compressor

One of the good aspects of this model is its features. It has an inverter compressor that keeps your food fresh and chilling even when there is a temperature change. It instantly responds to temperature changes and keeps the freshness of the food intact.


  • The refrigerator is versatile and has good functionality.
  • It comes with a humidity-controlled drawer allowing your fruits and vegetables to stay fresh.


  • This model doesn’t have an ice maker, and you have to buy an IM-18 to install it.



If you constantly need ice in your drinks, perhaps purchasing a refrigerator with an ice maker would be good. It’s convenient as you can instantly fill your glass with ice, and you don’t have to rush to the store to buy ice. 

So, if you’re planning to get one, we recommend Kenmore 71219 because of its spacious storage and effective cooling system. Plus, it’s Energy Star certified, indicating that this appliance is energy efficient.

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