How To Reset Fisher And Paykel Refrigerator

After a long time and several weeks of requesting from the kids, you finally decide to cook spaghetti with hot dogs.

And like most well-meaning parents, you put the ingredients in the fridge a day before so that they don’t go bad. Unfortunately, you failed to realize that the fridge is making too much ice, disrupting its usual functions. 

Thinking about your kids’ disappointment, you run helter-skelter, wondering what to do. Luckily, we have the answer – a simple reset should do the trick so that your fridge is operational in no time. 

Fisher And Paykel Fridge Reset 

If you have recently bought a Fisher and Paykel fridge, you must be pretty excited to try it out, as the large doors and deep compartments make storage easier.

So, you stuff the compartments with meats and vegetables and don’t open the fresh food compartment door until three days later to cook a chicken salad. 

But the Paykel fridge that looked so promising when you bought it has now frozen over because the freezer temperature has exceeded the safe limits. You can’t get the temperature control working and are on the verge of breaking down while dialing the service technician. 

Hang on! We know what to do. Pardon us for making a superhero entrance (read delayed), but you can reset the Fisher and Paykel refrigerator to defrost it.

You can also adjust the temperature and resolve other problems like fixing the temperature cycle. 

So, don’t worry and read the rest of our detailed guide to get your Fisher and Paykel refrigerator working in no time. 

How To Reset Fisher And Paykel Refrigerator

When we say reset, we don’t mean that there’s one particular way to reboot the refrigerator. Rather there are several methods you can use to reset any Fisher and Paykel fridge. 

Before proceeding to the other methods, let’s go over the standard reset technique first: 

A. Basic Reset 

For starters, you should know that there’s no reset button on the fridge, so you’ll have to reset it manually. 

1. Opening The Doors 

Open the Fisher and Paykel refrigerator doors and check the gasket for signs of damage or dirt. If you’re not in the habit of banging the doors shut, the components should be in good condition. But there might be debris stuck in the drain tubes, which you should clean. 

Also, to open the doors easily, look for the suction seal inside the corner of the door and press it to reduce the pressure. 

2. Temperature Control Switch 

The next step is locating the refrigerator temperature control button, usually present inside the unit. That said, the switch is situated above the fridge in some models, so make sure to look for it before beginning the reset process. 

3. Switching It Off 

Once you find the switch, use the control panel to turn it off, ensuring that the cooling system of the Fisher and Paykel refrigerator shuts down. You also need to press the main power button, situated to the left of the control panel, and hold it down for 3 seconds. 

Another technique is to adjust the fresh food and freezer settings to zero. 

4. Unplug The Fisher And Paykel Fridge 

Moving on, remove the refrigerator from the wall outlet by gently sliding it out. But if the unit contains an ice maker, you’ll need to close the water supply valve by turning the knob clockwise. This should make it safe to disconnect the refrigerator from the power socket. 

5. Let It Run 

Keep the refrigerator unplugged for some time, around 10-15 minutes, and switch on the temperature control switch. Then remember to activate the mechanical and electrical controls, and that’s all you need to do to reset the Fisher and Paykel refrigerator.  

B. Changing The Water Filter 

At times you may need to change the existing filter cartridge for proper maintenance, following which you’ll have to reset the fridge again. 

1. Remove The Cartridge 

Start by removing the cartridge located outside the refrigerator by holding it firmly in one hand and turning it anticlockwise. This should loosen the body, allowing you to detach the filter head. 

2. Old Cartridge Goes In The Bin

There’s no use for the old refrigerator filter, and you can dispose of it safely. Then, remove the cap off the new filter and attach it to the existing filter head. 

3. Lock The New Cartridge 

Push the new filter upwards into the head and turn it clockwise, locking the cartridge in place. With that, the water filters are ready for use, but you’ll have to reset the Fisher and Paykel refrigerator to complete the process. 

C. Resetting The Fridge After Changing Water Filters

After changing the filters, it would be best to reset the Fisher and Paykel fridge by following these steps. 

1. Paykel Refrigerator Alarm 

Locate the refrigerator alarm and put it on mute. You can usually find it on the display screen, which will stop the fridge from beeping. Additionally, you need to find the “warmer” button on the screen, pressing it simultaneously with the alarm button for 4 seconds. 

2. Filter Reset 

After 4 seconds, the internal and external filter indicators will reset, which you’ll get to know by viewing the respective internal and external displays. The refrigerator water filter indicator will go out, ensuring that the fridge is ready for use. 

D. Resetting Fisher And Paykel Fridge Alarm 

Since the fridge alarm lets you know even if the door frame is open slightly, a faulty alarm will prove detrimental to the smooth functioning of the unit. That’s why it’s crucial to know how to reset the alarm when the time comes: 

1. Mute Button 

The first step is locating the mute button (displayed on the screen) and pressing it once to switch off the alarm. In most cases, the alarm mute light will come on, indicating that it’s on mute. 

2. Wait For 20 minutes 

You need to wait for 20 minutes, following which the mute option will reset automatically. Also, the alarms on the door will return to their original mode, ready to start beeping. 

3. Manual Unmute 

Sometimes you may have to turn off the alarm manually, which is pretty easy as you just need to press the mute button. The lights will go off, indicating that the alarm is active. 

We should also tell you that this alarm starts beeping only if you leave the fridge doors open for over 90 seconds. But if you leave one door open, the alarm beeps at 30-second intervals, which will turn into a continuous sound after 5 minutes. 

Fisher And Paykel Fridge Maintenance 

Even though you now know how to reset the fridge, regularly resetting it isn’t a suitable option and could damage the unit. Hence, we have provided some maintenance tips to keep the Fisher and Paykel fridge in top shape and stop it from not cooling or leaking

1. Keep It Running 

One of the easiest ways to ensure that the fridge runs smoothly is to keep it connected to the power outlet. Although you may think that turning the fridge off once in a while is fine, the reality is that it’s crucial to maintain a consistent temperature of around 40 degrees Fahrenheit or lower. 

That won’t be possible when you shut off the fridge, increasing the chances of ruining the food. 

2. Fridge Temperature 

We have mentioned briefly that you must maintain the fridge temperature at around 40 degrees Fahrenheit, but it’s essential to set a precise value. When you set the optimum temperature, the center light comes on, and the number of lights increases with an increase in temperature. 

Once all four lights come on, you have reached the warmest setting. Plus, it would help if you maintained the room temperature between 50 and 109.4 degrees Fahrenheit. 

3. Regular Cleaning 

Most importantly, you should clean the fridge cover and interior ice storage bin to prevent the food items from going bad. On average, cleaning the interior and exterior of the fridge every 1-2 weeks is vital. 

You should remove old ice accumulated at the bottom of the ice bin by using a soft and lint-free cloth. Additionally, you’ll require a bucket of detergent dissolved in warm water to wipe the surface. 

This ensures that you won’t damage the internal components while removing the dirt and debris accumulated on the surface. After you wipe thoroughly, rinse with cold water and pat the fridge dry with another lint-free cloth. 

Moreover, clean behind the refrigerator a couple of times a year by sliding it out and turning off the power. You can use a vacuum to remove impurities below the unit and around the refrigerator legs; most people don’t know that this increases efficiency. 

Warranty and repair services that may be available

If the refrigerator is still under warranty, it may be covered for repairs or replacement. It is important to check the warranty terms and contact the manufacturer or authorized service provider for assistance with repairs.

If the refrigerator is out of warranty, it may be necessary to find a third-party repair service. It is important to ensure that the service provider is experienced and qualified to work on Fisher and Paykel refrigerators.



That’s all there is to know when it comes to resetting a Fisher and Paykel refrigerator; hopefully, now, you won’t face any issues. 

And even if you do, you can always refer to our guide to find a quick solution. Rest assured, with our tips and tricks, you won’t need to worry about excessive ice build-up or problems operating the internal control panel. 

For anything else, it’s always wise to contact customer support and read the user manual to know how each component operates. Also, don’t forget to clean the fridge, and it will serve you well for a long time.

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