How To Reset A Westinghouse Fridge

Founded in 1886, Westinghouse didn’t take long to become a household name.

Aiming to become a family-focused brand, the brand prefers practicality and versatility over style and luxury. Some of the popular design features in most Westinghouse refrigerators are the FlexSpace design, FamilySafe lockable compartments, integration kits, and crisper dividers.

But with multiple features comes the added expenses of repair and maintenance.

So, if you own a Westinghouse refrigerator, here are some tips and tricks you should know to avoid significant damage.

How To Reset A Westinghouse Refrigerator?

Step 1: Turn the fridge off and unplug it from the power cord. Keep the unit unplugged for some time. 

Step 2: Now, plug it back into the power outlet again. Turn on the fridge and check that the temperature settings are correct. Ideally, you should set the fridge temperature to 3°C and the freezer to -18°C. However, we strongly recommend checking the manual to know the exact temperature for your fridge model number.

Step 3: Wait for some hours to let the fridge stabilize, and now, the device has been reset.

How To Reset Westinghouse Water Filter?

The reset process starts as soon as you change the filter. But if that’s not the case, you can follow the steps given below… 

Step 1: Stop the supply of water and remove the filter by twisting it at 180° in a counterclockwise direction. 

Step 2: Slide off the existing filter from the casing and discard it. 

Step 3: Unwrap the new filter and place it inside the casing. Ensure that it reaches the rear part of the filter housing where the filter connection exists. 

Step 4: Now rotate the filter to fix it into the right position. Once fixed, it will stop rotating.

Step 5: We recommend using a container to check if the water dispenser is leaking. You can further put multiple or bigger containers on the dispenser to rinse the water filter for a few minutes.

Step 6: Turn on the ice maker and push the “Ice and Water” switch for at least three seconds. Doing so will trigger the filter timer. 

How To Reset Water Filter Light In A Westinghouse Refrigerator?

Step 1: Start by changing the water filter of the fridge. The indicator will turn orange/red when it needs to be replaced. 

Step 2: Once the filter is changed, the light should turn off or switch to green/blue. If not, you may have to press the multi-function button on the display panel.

For further reference, we recommend checking the user manual or contacting the support team of Westinghouse.

How To Reset Westinghouse Fridge Alarm?

Step 1: Locate the “Alarm Reset” switch. Press it to silence any alarms triggered by the unit.

Step 2: Alternatively, you can press the button 10 times to snooze the alarm for the next 12 hours.

If your alarm keeps going off, and resetting the alarm will not fix the root cause of the issue. While it helps to stop the annoying beeping sound, ensure that you get your Westinghouse fridge inspected by a professional technician and get it repaired if necessary. 

Things To Keep In Mind While Resetting A Westinghouse Refrigerator 

1. There Is No “Reset” Button

Westinghouse refrigerators are not equipped with a “Reset” button, so you’ll have to manually reset it or opt for reboot switches. 

As such, if unplugging the fridge from the wall outlet and putting it back in doesn’t solve the issue, try switching the circuit breaker off. This will force the device to reboot, and some simple issues may be solved by this easy step.

If that fails, use the “Door Alarm” and “Water Filter” buttons to reset your Westinghouse fridge.

2. Allow The Fridge To Rest And Stabilize

If you are manually resetting the fridge, allow it to rest for at least 10 minutes before plugging the power cord back in. This gives your fridge enough time to clear the system.

The same goes for stabilizing- once you set the temperature, wait for the fridge to adjust to the new settings. The process can even take around 24 hours, so do not expect the hard reset to show results right away.

3. Check The Defrost Timer Switch

A defrost timer switch is responsible for maintaining the ice buildup in the refrigerator. As such, it triggers the heater to get rid of any frost, thereby preventing extra ice from accumulating in the device. 

The timer switch is usually white in color and placed inside the fridge below the temperature control board. Or, you can find it in the rear access panel. 

4. Will unplugging a fridge reset it?

Unplugging a fridge can reset it, but it may not fix the issue that caused the reset in the first place. When you unplug a fridge, it will erase all previous settings, such as temperature and alarm settings, but it does not address any underlying problems with the appliance.

It’s important to identify the problem before unplugging the fridge, as it may not be a solution, and can lead to more damage or malfunction.

If the fridge is not working properly, it’s recommended to consult the user manual or a professional service before unplugging it to avoid further damage.

FAQs About Resetting Westinghouse Fridges

Do you need to empty the fridge before resetting it?

If you keep the fridge and freezer doors closed and turn it off for less than an hour, you’re good to go. The contents inside the refrigerator will remain intact for four hours. 

However, if you plan to keep the device off for a longer period, remove the contents and store them in an ice chest. Also, place the freezer goods and fridge goods alternatively to ensure better cooling and freshness.

When should you reset a Westinghouse refrigerator? 

We advise you to reset the fridge if it shows cooling issues, a malfunctioning water filter or ice maker, etc. Do keep in mind that resetting will only clear out some bugs but not get rid of the main problem. 

Further, we recommend defrosting your fridge once a week and inspecting the door seals regularly to ensure that the fridge works optimally. 

Final Words


In the end, it’s important to remember that regular cleaning and maintenance go a long way in ensuring the durability of your appliance. 

If any problem persists, we recommend contacting the brand if the fridge is within the warranty period. Or, you can get in touch with a professional technician to fix the issue once and for all. 

That said, we hope our tips will help you reset and maintain your Westinghouse fridge. Stay tuned for more informative guides, and we’ll be back soon!

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