How To Reset A Kenwood Fridge Freezer (Quick Fix)

If you own a Kenwood fridge, you will know that they are designed to last for many years. 

Customers prefer buying this fridge because of the durability and reliability it provides. However, you may face Kenwood fridge freezer problems, which would mean undertaking Kenwood fridge freezer troubleshooting.

Now before you call professionals to do the job, try to work on it and fix it yourself.

Chances are that it will not be difficult and you won’t have to spend money on costly repairs. However, if there are issues with the condenser fan, water filter, or circuit board, you will need professional help. 

But today, we are here to go through KenwoodAmerican fridge freezer troubleshooting to try to fix the reseting issue at hand quickly. Read on to know more! 

How To Reset A Kenwood Fridge Freezer

We will recommend checking the power socket before you check the fridge freezer. When there is nothing wrong with the power supply line, inspect the ice maker because if it stops working, there could be a major problem. 

This can happen if there is excess ice build-up, damaged components, or clogged filters, and you will need to replace the worn out parts ASAP.

How To Reset A Kenwood Fridge Freezer Filter?

The Kenwood fridge freezer filter or the ice maker filter can be found within the freezer compartment, while there is a water filter present at the base. 

First of all, you will have to clean the filters, so take out the filter cartridge from the holder and use warm water and mild soap to clean them. Rinse well, and install the filters back in place while making sure they fit into the holder properly. 

After that, press the “reset filter” option on the control panel or read the instructions manual to complete the process.

Steps On How To Reset A Kenwood Fridge Freezer

You will not find the filter reset button placed on the front control panel of Kenwood fridges because it is located towards the back of the fridge. When you press the button, all the error codes will appear on the screen which will help you determine where the problem is located. 

The problem can be with the fridge or with its wiring and if there is an issue with the latter, the fuse may have worn out, so try replacing it. 

Step 1: Locate The Fuse 

To do so, first, take off the cover of your refrigerator and you will find a plastic cover with double holes on it. It is white in color, and it should not be difficult to identify. 

Once you have found it, take off this cover to expose the fuse box below, located in the bottom shelf. 

Step 2: Replace It With A New One 

You will need a screwdriver to go ahead with the job, as the fuse can only be unplugged with it. Then you can replace it with a new fuse.

Step 3: Reattach Cover And Inspect 

Put the white cover back and then check if the freezer is working. In case the problem still persists, you will have to contact customer service. 

When Do You Need To Reset Your Kenwood Freezer 

1. Noisy Fridge Freezers 

If the cooling fan is having problems, it can make excessive noise. This cooling fan cools the main compressor, and if it malfunctions, the freezer will fail to keep the food items fresh.

Also, you should be able to enjoy low-noise operation. Otherwise, it may point to leaks that may cause ice build-up on the refrigerator wall which can lead to continuous noise. 

If these are the issues you are facing, then resetting the Kenwood fridge freezer may not be enough. You can call professionals for hassle-free repair service and they can quickly fix various issues while checking all the other parts for potential faults.

2. Power Button Not Working

One common problem with Kenwood fridges is that they often get stuck and will keep working even if you press the power button. When the power switch does not work, you will need to unclog the filter for the power switch to work again. 

For this, remove the filter from its position and clean it with soap and water by using a brush. Keep a few towels handy in order to dry the filter and place it back before you reset the unit again. 

To do so, just switch off the refrigerator, unplug it, press the power switch, and hold it down for some time until the display switches off. Next, wait for five seconds, and turn it on again. 

3. Alarm Ringing 

The refrigerator has an alarm that can start ringing if the temperature rises inside the freezer. This can happen if the freezer door does not seal properly and cold air exits the unit. 

Also, the fridge door seals may be broken, and that could trigger the alarm. Switch off the fridge and take out all the food items from inside before calling a qualified repair technician to diagnose and fix the issue, in such a scenario.

Kenwood Fridge Freezer Troubleshooting

To tell if your Kenwood fridge freezer is broken, look for common signs such as excessive noise, warm temperatures, and leakage.

If the compressor or fan is making loud or unusual noises, it may indicate a problem with the unit’s cooling system.

If the interior of the refrigerator or freezer is warm, or the food inside is thawing, it could indicate that the cooling system is not functioning properly.

Additionally, if there is water leakage or puddles forming around the unit, it may be a sign of a problem with the door seal or a clogged drain.

Other signs that your Kenwood fridge freezer is broken can include a malfunctioning thermostat, or the interior light not working.

If you notice any of these issues, it’s recommended to unplug the unit and contact a professional service for further assistance.

Final Words 

If the main menu shows any error code or the refrigerator emits loud noises, try resetting the Kenwood fridge freezer as we suggested. 

If you can’t fix the problem, call a licensed technician for help as there might be issues with the plug point, compressor, or thermostat as well. While the resetting will not take more than two minutes, repairing the components is time consuming, so make arrangements to store all your perishables in a neighbor’s fridge. 

Also, when you purchase Kenwood or even other refrigerator brands, it is important to go through the instructions manual. This is important for knowing how to read the display panel and you can ask customer care for advice on how to keep the fridge in good shape. 

We are sure you are now well-prepared to handle any kind of fridge-related emergency. Bye! 

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