How To Paint A Fridge

How To Paint A Fridge

Do you wonder if you should paint your fridge? Well, the answer is yes! In addition to being fun and exciting, painting a fridge is also relatively easy. Furthermore, the tools required are readily available at any hardware store. If you do it with your friends, family, or partner, it can also be a great bonding experience. You can add personality and fun to your fridge by painting it. You will learn how to:

  • Find the right equipment.
  • Getting the fridge ready
  • Surface preparations
  • Using different tools to paint

It’s not as hard as it seems to paint a fridge. All you need is the right set of tools and equipment. You can use a roller, spray paint, or even a sponge to paint it. First, disassemble the removable parts, mask buttons and lights, prime the fridge, and then paint the fridge.  

Quick steps:

  • Get the right equipment
  • Prepare the fridge
  • Different types of paints

Find the right equipment

For all the creative people out there, painting a fridge might be an easy task. But for the average population, deciding to paint a fridge can be nerve-wracking. But there is no need to worry. Once you start, you will see how easy it is. The right tools and equipment make the job much easier. If you have all the necessary tools, painting a fridge will be a piece of cake. It does not require any professional skills or mastery, just some imagination. 

Some of the tools you will need are sponges, spray paint cans, paint, roller brush, primer, painter’s tape, glue, and even a cleaning cloth. These are items that are all easily and readily available from any hardware store. You don’t need to go out of the way to find or order them. These are tools of everyday use, and any kind of departmental or hardware store will indeed have them. 

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Getting the fridge ready

Before you get to the painting portion, it is essential to prepare the fridge. If you do not follow this step, you will have a hard time or even end up getting hurt. Getting the fridge ready for the paint job is one of the most important steps to remember. Here are some suggestions you need to remember to prepare your fridge for the painting.

Unplug your fridge

Unplugging your fridge is essential. If you do not unplug it from the socket and touch it with wet hands while painting, it can pose serious risks. The first order of business will be to make sure there is no power supply and the fridge itself is empty. You should always avoid painting or cleaning with liquids when the fridge is on.  

Move it to a suitable area

Once you are done unplugging your fridge, you need to move it to an open area. A well-ventilated area is an ideal place. You should also try to move it to a place where there are not many objects. This will help you avoid getting paint on other appliances or objects. Paints also have dangerous fumes, so a closed area is a bad idea to paint a fridge. 

Put a protective cover or cloth underneath the fridge

As humans, we are not perfect. We will make mistakes and errors. While painting a fridge, it is not uncommon to drop some paint on the floor. If you don’t wish to stain your floor or spend time cleaning and rubbing the stain off, it is a good idea to put a cloth underneath.

Surface Preparations

There is no one way to paint a fridge. Painting is a creative job that requires imagination. So, as such, there are many ways to paint a fridge. The way you paint also depends on the tools you use. But before you paint, you need to clean and sand the fridge to ensure the paint sticks and absorbs well. It will produce a better finish.

Cleaning and sanding

Before you start painting, surface preparation is an important step. This involves cleaning and sanding it. Clean the surface of the fridge using soap, water, and a cloth. Let it dry, and you begin sanding. If you do not want paint, you can stick a painter’s tape on the area if there are any areas. You can also remove the handles, shelves, and ice trays to make the task easier. 

Prime the fridge

Every skilled painter will testify that priming is the most crucial step when it comes to painting. Avoid using magnetic primers as they contain harsh and harmful chemicals. The whole purpose of priming is to ensure the paint comes out looking good. The market has different types of primers such as oil primers, shellac primers, and even water-based. Choose the one that suits your needs. Here’s a tip, water-based primers are generally easy to work with and also to clean. 

Using different tools to paint

Painting a fridge is an enjoyable job. You get to customize the fridge according to your liking and preferences. Moreover, you get to choose different ways to paint it. However, the first step is choosing the right color. Choose a color which you love. There are several color options available, see some in our best colorful fridges.

Roller paint

This method is one of the easier ways to paint a fridge. Once you choose the paint you want, simply empty the paint into a bucket. You can even use thinners if you don’t want a thick finish. Once you mix the paint and the thinner, simply dip your roller in the bucket and start painting. 

Paint in a well-ventilated area so that you do not inhale the fumes. Three coats are ideal for a fridge. But remember, with every coat, let it dry first, then re-apply again. If you want to add designs and shapes, use an angled brush. Such brushes can also help you reach difficult areas. 

Spray painting

Can you spray paint a refrigerator? If you are short on time, spray painting your fridge is a good option. It is quick and easy. Choose the color you want, and you are ready to start painting. However, its not recommend compared to a more durable paint option.

When it comes to spray paint, you should at least apply two to three thin coats. Since you already primed your fridge, the paint will have no trouble sticking to the fridge.

Spray paints dry in about two hours. Shake the can well before you start painting it. Since it is difficult to angle a spray can, shapes and designs might be a challenge. It is also good to hold the spray paint about twenty centimeters or 8 inches away from the fridge. This will prevent paint drips. 

Can you paint the inside of a freezer?

Painting the inside of a freezer is not recommended. Freezers are designed to maintain a specific temperature and painting the inside could affect the unit’s ability to properly cool.

Additionally, the paint can chip or peel, which can be dangerous if ingested. It’s also important to consider the chemicals and fumes that may be released when painting, which can be harmful to the food stored in the freezer.

It could also affect the taste and quality of the food. It is best to stick to the manufacturer’s recommendations and not make any modifications to the inside of the freezer.

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