How To Move A Fridge Without Scratching The Floor

How To Move A Fridge Without Scratching The Floor

Unless you are someone with superhuman strength, removing a fridge can be a difficult task, especially if you want to avoid scratches on the floor.

Fridges are heavy, bulky, and tough to carry. If not done correctly, there are so many risks involved.

One of the most common problems when moving a fridge is the floor getting scratched. Well, if you want to avoid that, this guide will teach you tips and tricks to do that.

There is no denying that moving a fridge is a challenge. But if you take the help of a dolly or use folded clothes and towels, then scratches will not be a problem. Moreover, if you want to move a fridge without scratching the floor, you can always seek professional help, remove the inside shelves, or even ask for help from friends and family. 

How to prepare a refrigerator for moving

1. First of all, take out the food and put it in a cooler.

2. Disconnect the refrigerator, clean it and dry it well.

3. Empty the water from the defrosting tray.

4. Clean and dry completely.

5. Remove all removable parts and drawers, and wrap them together so that it does not move.

6. Depending on the model of your refrigerator, you can lift the front part so that it rolls more easily or screw the leveling feet so that they do not scratch the floor.

7. Use duct tape to close the doors and to glue the power cord to the refrigerator.

8. Wrap the refrigerator with bubble wrap so it doesn’t get scratched.

9. When you arrive at your new home, remove the plastic, arrange it in its new place and place everything back.

10. Wait 4 to 6 hours before turning it on again.

Move a fridge without using a dolly

Dolly is a tool or a device that makes moving heavy objects like a fridge much more accessible. Refrigerators are generally heavy and require so much workforce to move them. Even with the required human resources, sometimes scratches occur on the floor.

But it is not always that you will own a dolly or know someone who does. If you do not have this wheeled cart in your possession, don’t worry. There are easy ways to move a fridge even without a dolly. 

Make use of folded towels or clothes

If you cannot find a dolly or have one, you have no reason to worry. There are other ways to move a fridge without scratching the floor. One of the cheapest, easiest, and convenient ways to move a fridge is to place folded towels or clothes underneath the fridge.

If you drag the fridge without placing a protective layer underneath, your floors will surely get scratches. 

To accomplish this, you will need to tilt your fridge to place the towels or rugs underneath. Make sure you put on a thick layer of towel or clothes. If the clothes or towels you use are thin, then there is no point. Thin clothes will not protect the floor.

Make sure to use towels and clothes that are thick to protect the floor from scratches. Once placed, slowly drag the fridge with the help of a few people. But remember to prepare the fridge before moving it. 

Removing the inside shelves and contents

Lifting a fridge is no joke. They are heavy and bulky. Most of the fridge’s weight comes from the food, shelves, trays, and other compartments. So, if you don’t have a dolly but you still want to avoid scratching the floor, remove all the contents from inside, including food, shelves, and compartments. 

If you remove whatever is inside the fridge, it will drastically reduce the total weight of the fridge. If the fridge is lighter, you can seek the help of a few people and lift it. If the move distance is not that long and you’re only relocating it, this is a good idea. 

Move a fridge using a dolly

Moving a fridge using a dolly is the best way to avoid any scratches on the floor. You can get a dolly quickly from hardware stores or even online stores.

The home depot section in departmental stores will also sell dollies. Having a dolly makes it easier to relocate and move a fridge while keeping the floor safe. Moreover, it is straightforward to do it.

Bring the dolly near the fridge. Make sure your fridge is unplugged and the doors are taped closed. Make sure to unplug it properly.

This will prevent any damages from occurring during the move. Lift the fridge onto the dolly with the help of a few people, and you are all set to move it. Once the fridge is on the dolly, you just need to push the dolly around and take it to the desired spot or location. 

Call for professional help

Do not worry if you are not confident to move a fridge. There are lots of people who would rather entrust professionals to move their fridges.

This is because such professionals know how to move a fridge without scratching the floor. They get training for all these procedures and specialize in such jobs. So, if you do not want to move a fridge on your own, calling for professional help is always a great idea. 

First, try to locate a good moving company. You can go online and look at the reviews and customer replies to know which company is the best. Once you can find a trustworthy company, simply call and make an appointment.

However, before the professionals come, make sure you get everything ready such as unplugging the fridge, defrosting if necessary, or even securing the doors and handles. 

How to carry a fridge by yourself

Carrying a fridge by yourself can be a challenging task, but it is possible with the right technique and equipment.

First, make sure that the fridge is empty and clean, and that all of the shelves and drawers have been removed.

Next, gather the necessary equipment, including a moving dolly, straps, and gloves. Position the dolly at the bottom of the fridge, tilt the fridge back on the dolly and secure it with straps.

Before lifting, make sure to bend your knees, keep your back straight and lift with your legs, this will help to distribute the weight evenly.

Once the fridge is on the dolly, you can use the handle to move it. It’s important to be careful and take your time while moving the fridge, to avoid injuries or damaging the unit.

Team up with friends or family

Calling professional movers to come and move your fridge is a great idea, but you will need to pay them. So, if you wish to choose a more economical plan and method, then calling for friends and family to help is also a good idea.

Moving a fridge alone is impossible. Moreover, if you attempt to do this, you will surely end up scratching your floor. To avoid any damages to the floor or even the fridge, teamwork is necessary. 

Decide on a date and time of when you would want to move your fridge. Make a plan and coordinate with your friends and family. It’s also a good idea to seek the help of physically strong and fit people to lift the fridge better and efficiently.

Coordination is key. One person should look for the doorways, entries, and exits while the rest are carrying the fridge. Let someone guide and navigate while the fridge is being carried. 

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