How To Get Rid Of A Smell In The Fridge

How To Get Rid Of A Smell In The Fridge

Are you looking for ways on how to get rid of a smell in the fridge? Don’t worry. We’ve got it covered for you.

To get rid of the smell in the fridge, you can use a lemon. Using lemon is effective because it has a strong fresh smell which effectively eliminates odors faster. Put lemon slices in a bowl in the fridge to absorb bad odors. 

Besides, this article will also help you with:

  • What causes the fridge to smell?
  • How to prevent smells in the fridge?
  • How to get rid of a smell in the fridge?

Let’s take a closer look at this!

What causes the fridge to smell?

It’s pretty standard for a fridge to smell. I mean, a lot of food goes in there. And we love stacking foods in the refrigerator, which can primarily be the reason. But there are also other things which add to the smell of the fridge. And the best way to tackle this problem is to know what causes it so that you can keep your fridge away from any unpleasant smell.

Here are the various reasons for which your fridge might be smelling:

The fridge is not cleaned regularly: Fridge is not just for storing food. It’s also meant to be cleaned periodically to ensure that you’re eating clean food. It’s essential to regularly clean away the food debris to avoid bacteria and mold from building up inside your refrigerator. Before stacking the fridge with food or once the refrigerator is empty, you should give it a good clean.

There might be molds: Moulds happily build up in damp areas. So if the food is not fresh or has expired, it’s best to dispose of them. Molds can contaminate food which is dangerous for our health too.

The defrost pan needs cleaning: Once in a while, check the defrost pan. The pan collects excess water, which can be full of bacteria and give off a bad smell. Mainly if you store meat, it’ll produce a pungent smell. How to defrost a fridge.

The temperature is not set appropriately: If the temperature is too high, the food will get spoiled easily, and if it’s too low, you cannot preserve the food appropriately. Both ways, it can contaminate the food with bacteria and cause the smell. Hence, it is essential to set the right temperature

The fan is not working: The fan in the fridge improves the air circulation, which keeps the temperature under control. If the fan fails to work, it can overheat the fridge and might not preserve the foods properly, producing a bad smell.

Tips for identifying and locating the source of the smell

Identifying and locating the source of a smell in the fridge can be challenging, but there are a few tips that can help.

First, check the expiration dates of all food items and discard any expired or spoiled food. This is often the source of bad smells in the fridge. Another tip is to clean and organize the fridge, removing any spilled or spoiled food that may have accumulated in hard-to-reach places. This can help you locate the source of the smell.

Also, check the door seal and gasket for any cracks or damage that may allow air to escape and let in unwanted odors.

You can also try sniffing around the fridge, paying attention to any areas that seem particularly strong. This can help you pinpoint the source of the smell. By following these tips, you can effectively identify and locate the source of the smell in your fridge and take steps to eliminate it.

How to prevent smells in the fridge?

Luckily, you can prevent smells in the refrigerator. Here’s how:

  • Use airtight containers to store food in the refrigerator.
  • Keep the fresh foods separately.
  • Remove foods that are no longer fresh.
  • Regularly wipe the corners and shelves inside the fridge.
  • Don’t keep the food too packed. Let the airflow by keeping a safe distance.

How to get rid of a smell in the fridge?

Suppose your fridge is producing a bad smell. Don’t worry. We have a solution for you. A refrigerator can give a foul smell when it’s not cleaned correctly, the foods are not fresh, or maybe the fridge is too old to keep your foods fresh.

What’s worse? That pungent smell that hits your nose when you open the refrigerator is something that can ruin your appetite. Or you don’t want to face that problem. Whichever the case, there are various ways to get rid of that foul smell in your fridge. Fortunately, there are some natural remedies to prevent such odors from coming out from the refrigerator. And the good news is most of the ingredients are readily available in your kitchen.

Here are some ways you can try to get rid of the smell in the fridge:

  • Baking Soda: Baking soda is a beneficial household ingredient that can be used for various purposes. And getting rid of the smell in the fridge is one of them. It effectively kills odor which makes it a perfect solution. 

Firstly, Take a bowl and fill it with baking soda. Secondly, keep it inside the fridge and close the door. Let it sit for a few hours to absorb the smell. Let it sit for some extra hours, or you can leave it overnight and wipe it off with a clean cloth. Lastly, if the smell does not go away, you can sprinkle baking soda on the shelves.

  • Lemons: Using lemon to ward off a foul smell from the fridge is another great idea. It will not only get rid of bad odors but also keep your fridge smelling fresh. You can use it two ways: 
  1. Squeeze the lemon and soak it in a cotton ball. Then use it to rub along the corners or inside the fridge. Or 
  2. Take a few slices of lemon in a bowl or tray and leave it inside the fridge. It’ll absorb away the bad smell and keep your fridge fresh.
  • Vinegar: Vinegar is also another ingredient that works great. Pour it in a cup or bowl and keep it inside the fridge. It can help control the odor in the refrigerator.
  • Vanilla Essence: Take a few drops of vanilla essence and soak it in a cotton ball. Leave it inside the fridge to let it get rid of the odors.
  • Coffee: Take some freshly grounded coffee, spread it on a sheet of paper, and place it on the fridge. It’ll eliminate the unpleasant odors. 

If the solutions mentioned above fail to eliminate the odor, you can take out all the containers then thoroughly clean them. Put them back once they’re properly dried in the sun. You can also leave the door of the fridge open and let some fresh air flow in. It’ll effectively help in getting rid of the strong odor in your fridge. 

How to properly dispose of spoiled food

Properly disposing of spoiled food is essential to prevent bad odors and potential health hazards in the fridge. First, remove all spoiled food from the fridge and properly seal it in a plastic bag or container.

Then, dispose of the spoiled food in an outdoor garbage can with a tight-fitting lid. If you have a compost bin, you may also add certain spoiled food items to the compost pile, such as fruits and vegetables.

Avoid disposing spoiled food by flushing it down the toilet or sink as it can cause clogs and damage to your plumbing.

Also avoid disposing spoiled food in the open or leaving it outside, as it can attract pests and wildlife. It’s also important to regularly check the expiration dates of food items and to regularly clean and organize the fridge to prevent spoiled food from going unnoticed.

By properly disposing of spoiled food, you can prevent bad odors and potential health hazards in the fridge.

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