Nugget Ice Vs. Bullet Ice: Everything You Need To Know

Ice is almost indispensable for drinks, cocktail parties, and hot summer days. Although both the nugget and bullet ice types are popular and similar, they are different. You would think ice is simple and makes little difference, but trust me, they make all the difference by shape and type. 

This article will narrow down on nugget ice vs bullet, everything you need to know about the same, the following, and much more. 

  • What is Nugget Ice?
  • Why is nugget ice the best?
  • What kind of ice do hospitals use?

Nugget Ice Vs. Bullet Ice

Quick pros and cons will help narrow for Nugget Ice Vs. Bullet Ice.

Nugget ice


  • It is soft, has a pocket of air and is chewable
  • It absorbs the flavors of your drink
  • It cools your drinks faster 
  • Easy to blend to mix with drinks
  • It can fill your cup easily


  • It is expensive to produce
  • It melts faster when compared with bullet ice

Bullet Ice


  • It is so much cheaper to produce
  • It does not melt fast
  • Versatile with its shapes
  • It takes less time to produce 
  • Such ice is primarily used in commercial spaces


  • Bullet ice is hard to blend
  • It is not chewable as it is hard and bigger is size

Both types of ice serve different purposes. Which is best between the two will depend on which serves your purpose. If money is a variable, the bullet ice makes sense; if its quality and usage are variable, nugget ice is a winner.

However, if money is not much of a worry, the nugget ice is effortless and better for drinks. 

What is Nugget Ice?

Nugget ice is small, soft and chewable ice used in making beverages. They are also known as pellet, sonic or chewy ice. 

Since they are small, they fill up the glasses well and easily chew. They cool the drinks faster and are easy to blend, making them quite a demand for commercial beverage businesses. They are also used in hospitals.

Americans are obsessed with ice at home, in the food and beverage industries, and even in hospitals. Ice has become a staple American food culture, whether on a hot summer day or an outing.

Why is nugget ice the best?

Nugget ice is the best because of its characteristics, such as it being soft and easily chewable. Its light and airy properties make them an easy choice for drinks; they also make your drink cool faster. They are small, making it effortless to blend and fill your beverage cups full. 

Does nugget ice melt faster?

Compared to bullet ice, it does melt faster. However, when compared to crushed ice, it does not melt fast. A cup full of nugget ice takes about 1.5 hours to melt ice, whereas it takes about 2 hours for bullet ice. 

Is eating Nugget Ice bad for you?

Ice is similar to other hard food items, and eating hard food can harm your teeth. Since it is hard, it can cause damage to your teeth. Although nugget ice is chewable yet it is not advised to eat ice. 

Is chewing Nugget Ice bad for your teeth?

Chewing ice is bad for your teeth. Since ice is considered a hard food item, chewing can damage the enamel of your teeth. If you have got dental work or restoration done, eating ice can cause more damage. Also, if you have braces and sensitive teeth, eating ice can cause more damage. 

Is nugget ice and sonic ice the same?

Yes, nugget ice and sonic ice are the same. The difference in name is due to their brand names. In fact, nugget ice and sonic ice are interchangeably used. Besides, these ice are known as soft ice, pearl ice or cubelet ice.

What kind of ice do hospitals use?

Besides the beverage and food industries, ice is also used in hospitals. Two types of ice are used in hospitals for patients’ consumption and treatment processes: flake ice and nugget ice.

Many doctors use flake ice for patients who have difficulty swallowing food before or after major surgery. Even for treating bumps and compressing, they use flake ice as it does not pierce through the plastic bags. 

Although nugget ice is a little bigger than flake ice, it can still be used for consumption and compression. Both ice types are interchangeably used in the hospital setup.

Is nugget ice the same as crushed ice?

No, nugget ice and crushed ice are not the same. Crushed ice is produced by crushing large ice cubes or blocks. They are used to make slush, cold beverages etc. 

Although both are in character ice yet, they both serve different purposes. Nugget ice is made by layering crushed ice. The layering creates space for air pockets to be trapped, making it soft and easy to chew.

What’s the difference between pellet ice and nugget ice?

There is no difference between pellet ice and nugget ice. In fact, they are both the same. Nugget ice is also known as pellet ice; both are often interchangeably used to refer to the same. They are called different names by their place or trade names. 

Are there any refrigerators that make nugget ice?

Most standard refrigerators come with the feature of only making ice cubes; however, some refrigerators have dual features of producing nugget ice and ice cubes. Brands like Samsung and LG have started coming up with refrigerators with dual ice-making features. 

For example, the Samsung BESPOKE refrigerators come with nugget ice-making features. 



The nugget ice is a versatile ice type whose varied and vast usage has made it an industry favorite and staple.

Although the price of producing nugget ice is higher, it is a better choice in terms of its wide usage. It can be used anywhere from home to commercial setup to even health sectors.

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