How to freeze something fast?

There are a lot of methods to freeze something faster than usual. This process of freezing something is also called supercooling. The freezing point of a liquid depends upon many factors like the property of the fluid, the freezer’s temperature, the property of the container, etc. 

Read on below to learn new simple ways to freeze something faster. You can also click on the video below for some tricks to freeze water instantly.

Decrease the temperature of the freezer

This is the most obvious way to freeze something faster. But this is also the most efficient way to freeze something quickly. Decreasing the temperature of the freezer is the most obvious but the quickest way to freeze something.

However, you can apply this method along with other ways to freeze something much faster. This method can go hand in hand with any alternative method for freezing something faster.

Open the lid of the container.

This is also a very efficient way of freezing something faster. When you open the container’s lid while freezing, the liquid is entirely exposed to the freezer. This helps the liquid to expose itself and eventually freeze much faster freely.

The size of the lid also matters in this method. The larger the size of the cover, the faster the liquid will freeze. So, this method is not very helpful in bottles as the bottle cap size is generally very small.

The thickness of the container

This is a significant factor in changing the freezing point of a liquid. If the container of your liquid is too thick, then it will take a lot of time to freeze the liquid. 

Therefore to freeze something faster than usual, make sure to use a thin container. 

Type of the container

Containers are made up of different elements. Some are made up of glass, some are made of metal or wood, and most are made up of plastic.

This is one of the main factors for the difference in the time taken to freeze something. A liquid in a wooden container will take more time to freeze than a liquid in a plastic or metal container. There are various types of plastics with different chemicals and physical properties. This also affects the freezing time of a liquid.

If you want to freeze something faster, make sure you freeze it in a container of low freezing point like a thin plastic container or a steel container. Do not use a wooden container if you want to freeze something fast. Because wooden containers are generally thick and have a very high freezing point, it takes more time to freeze a liquid in a wooden container.

Add ice cubes before freezing.

Adding ice cubes inside the liquid is a very efficient way to freeze something faster. This method reduces almost half the time in freezing a liquid as the liquid simultaneously undergoes both endothermic and exothermic reactions.

However, we cannot just add ice cubes to any liquid unless it is required. So, an alternative to this method is putting ice cubes in a bucket and placing the container in it. This method reduces the freezing point of a liquid because it undergoes a double exothermic reaction.

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