How To Clean Opal Ice Maker

Have you been wondering how to clean an Opal ice maker? Cleaning an Opal ice maker is a simple process, and, in this article, we’ll guide you on how to do it. Please read on as we also debunked some of the commonly asked questions about Opal ice maker, including:

  • Why is my ice dirty?
  • Can you clean an Opal with vinegar?
  • How do I descale my Opal ice maker?
  • Why is there black stuff in my Opal ice maker?

Opal ice maker is known for producing nugget ice, a favorite choice of ice for cocktail lovers. Nugget ice is crunchy, soft, and chewier than regular ice cubes. And to have the quality and durability of the machine, it’s necessary to clean it timely and correctly.

Why is my ice dirty?

Multiple reasons can cause your ice to get dirty. Some of the causes are as follow:

  • Frequent lack of changing the water.
  • Scooping the ice with a dirty hand.
  • Lack of cleaning the machine insides.
  • Mixing of new ice with the older ice.

Furthermore, if your ice maker isn’t in use for a long period, the dust piles up, forming bacteria. And if you use it without cleaning, your ice will be dirty and unhygienic. Therefore, to enjoy clean and quality ice, it’s necessary to take proper care of the ice maker internally and externally. 

Can you clean an opal with vinegar?

Yes, you can clean an Opal with vinegar if you don’t have a cleaning kit. When using vinegar to clean the ice maker, it’s necessary to keep the unit with vinegar for eighteen hours. Additionally, put a vinegar-soaked pad overnight on the ice chut to dissolve the further build-up of minerals.

 You should follow the manual instructions given by the manufacturers to clean the machine. It’s also advisable to follow the correct process of cleaning the ice maker. For instance, if you have a GE Profile Nugget Ice Maker, you will get proper instructions to clean and descale the ice maker. 

How do I descale my Opal ice maker? 

Descaling refers to the removal process of mineral deposits from your opal ice maker. It’s recommended to do this process after every six months. Note that instructions may vary for different Opal models. Here is a standard method of descaling an Opal ice maker:

  1. Plugin the Opal and put the switch in a clean position.
  2. Pour the solution or vinegar in the water reservoir to the max.
  3. Now touch the clean button to start cleaning. 

Why is there black stuff in my Opal ice maker?

If you see black stuff or residue in your ice maker, including tanks and hoes, it’s due to the build-up of minerals. It’s advisable to clean once per month to avoid this build-up, as it will happen over time. Note that even if you use filtered or distilled water, the minerals will form in the machine over time. Hence, a monthly cleaning cycle would be recommended to avoid black residues in your ice maker.

How do I get rid of black mold in my ice maker?

To easily get rid of black mold in your ice maker, you can use sanitizing and disinfecting recommended by the EPA. Before starting this process, make sure to switch off your ice maker and empty the ice bin. Here is a simple process to get rid of black mold in your ice maker:

  1. Spray the cleaner on the contaminated surfaces.
  2. You can use a cloth wipe of the infected area. 
  3. Let the solution sit for ten minutes and rinse when you’re disinfecting.
  4. Now follow the sanitizing process after the rinsing process.
  5. The final process is to apply the solution to the contaminated area. Also, make sure to air-dry the mixture and not rinse it. 

How often should you clean your ice maker?

It would be better to clean the ice maker weekly to have quality and clean ice. You can only use distilled or potable water in an Opal ice maker. So, if you’re using distilled water, you can clean it once a month. 

And before cleaning, it’s vital to unplug the machine and remove the water filter if it’s present in your Opal ice maker. Also, make sure not to clean the water reservoir with soap water. Replace it with reservoir intake and drain the ice. Now plug in the machine and click the clean switch to start the cleaning process.

Does the Opal ice maker need distilled water?

A mixture of tap water and distilled water will be a great choice if you want quality ice. Additionally, it helps in the performance of your Opal ice maker. You can use typical water, which is 12 gpg hardness, to make good ice. But it can lower your Opal performance as it consists of minerals including magnesium and calcium, which get stuck on the machine. And if you don’t clean often, it starts to mold or form a black residue.

Furthermore, it gets hard to freeze if it’s very hard, more than 12 gpg. So, distilled water mixed with tap water would be better for the Opal ice maker. It freezes soon and doesn’t lower the performance of the machine.

Why did my Opal maker stopped making ice?

Multiple reasons may cause your Opal to stop making ice. Some of the reasons are as follow:

  • Reset the machine: If your ice maker isn’t producing ice, it’s advisable to reset the ice maker. It will allow the machine to return to its default program or settings. Often, the ice maker may suffer electrical malfunction or get confused, preventing ice production. So, resetting the ice maker will clear all the confusion and get the machine running. Note that every ice maker model differs, and the resetting may differ. Hence, it’s advisable to check the manual instructions of the manufacturers.
  • Check the water line: Suppose your ice maker is working fine, yet it doesn’t produce ice, then we recommend checking the water line. You can’t make nugget ice without water. So, see if there is any malfunction or blockage on the waterline. Inspect if clogging or a build-up stops the water from reaching the ice tray.
  • The temperature of the freezer: One of the reasons why your Opal stopped making ice would be the problem with the temperature settings. If your freezer temperature doesn’t function properly, then it will not be able to produce ice. So, take a metal shelf thermometer to check the freezer’s temperature. Place the thermometer in the freezer and see if it’s functioning or not.
  • Check your ice chute: Although the indicator shows that your ice bin is full yet has no production of ice, then there is a problem with the ice chute. The ice chute unit may be blocked or clogged, so we recommend cleaning your Opal to unblock the ice chute. Follow the cleaning instructions as mentioned in the manual.

Why does my Opal ice maker keep turning off?

If you have scheduled your Opal ice maker to be off in the app, it will automatically switch off. The Opal will communicate with the app automatically if you have scheduled accordingly. You can test by disabling the schedule and unplugging the ice maker for three minutes.

Plugin and see if the issue reoccurs. If you don’t know how to schedule, uninstall the app and unplug the unit for three minutes. Turn on the ice maker and see if the problem happens again.

And if this process doesn’t help or does not use an app, better check the ice bin. The ice maker will shut off automatically after five minutes if the bin is not fully pushed. If any of these suggestions aren’t working, you should contact the manufacturer or contact their customer service.

How do I stop my Opal ice maker from squeaking?

One of the reasons that cause your Opal to squeak is because of the water quality. The minerals in the water cause a build-up in the evaporator wall when it freezes. And this build-up impacts the ice cutting auger, causing resistance. It results in a loud squealing or crunching sound from the evaporator’s compartment. Therefore, it would be better to use distilled water to stop squeaking. 

Therefore, distilled water would be a good call in your Opal ice maker to avoid squeaking. Another reason that may cause your Opal to squeal is internal bearings found in the gearbox. It would help if you opened the machine to fix this issue. Here is a guide video you can check out to solve the squeaking problem in your Opal. If all solutions fail, it’s advisable to contact the manufacturer or their service center to fix the issue. 



Opal ice maker is a countertop appliance known for producing quality nugget ice. But often, lack of cleaning and maintenance may hinder the quality of the ice and the performance of the ice maker.

Therefore, it is necessary to clean your Opal ice maker on time for better performance.

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