Why Do People Put Cigarettes In The Freezer

People put cigarettes in the freezer, intending to keep them fresh as long as possible, usually when they buy it in bulk.

However, there’s been a long ongoing debate about whether this technique works. Some smokers say that a pack of cigarettes doesn’t taste the same after being kept inside the freezer.

Now there’s the defender and the opposition who are with or against this technique. But well, we will be giving you details on both of these sides!

Putting Cigarettes In The Freezer 

Mainly due to the rising price of cigarettes or the lack of availability of certain brands of cigarettes, smokers stock large amounts of cigarettes but then comes the issue of storing them in the best condition. Luckily there are some methods where you can keep your cigarettes fresh!

  1. Short term and Long term storage

First, you need to seal the cigarettes well, and then for storing them short-term, you can keep them in the fridge. For storing it long-term, you can keep it in the freezer; this technique will keep your cigarettes fresh for up to 6 months max. 

  1. Don’t Unseal The Cigarette Package.

One of the simple and best ways to keep your cigarettes fresh for the long term is by not opening the original cigarette packet that they came in.

  1. Use A Cigarette Pack Holder

Using a cigarette pack holder for keeping cigarette packs will not only help in keeping the cigarettes fresh, but it will also help in keeping them safe from being damaged, like getting it crushed or wet.

Why You Shouldn’t Keep Your Cigarettes In The Freezer

Now here comes the part why some smokers believe it best not to keep cigarettes in the freezer.

  1. Don’t Put It In The Fridge.

When you keep your cigarettes in the fridge, the humidity in the fridge will make the cigarettes go stale. The same goes for putting it in the freezer; once you defrost, the cigarettes will lose the tobacco’s flavor, freshness, and quality.

  1. The Cigarettes Might Dry Out

Putting your cigarettes in the freezer means you are putting it at risk of drying them out of its ingredients and oils present in the tobacco over time.

  1. Light Exposure

If you’re constantly going to use the fridge while keeping the cigarettes in it, this will make the condition of the cigarettes even worse. Cigarettes should be kept sealed and away from the light, but constant activity in the fridge will make it prone to more light exposure.


There are a lot of opinions regarding this freezer method for storing cigarettes. While some are plain lucky when storing their tobacco in the freezer, others don’t find it a suitable method.

Though this isn’t much of a problem, people are now discovering many better alternatives than using the freezer.

So what are your thoughts on putting cigarettes in the freezer? Would you give it a try or have better methods!

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