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Are you very particular about the aesthetic or taste of the ice on your drink? A cube of ice on a drink is about the taste, beauty, science, and feel, and indeed a clear cube of ice makes all the difference. If you are looking to experience it, we have got you covered. We bring you a curated list of the best clear ice maker machines, the following, and more in the article. 

  • Why is clear ice better?
  • How do I get my ice to be clear?
  • Should you use filtered water for clear ice, or can you use a tap?

Investing in clear ice maker machines will give you quality and luxurious looking ice at the comfort of your home hassle-free. 

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Top Pick: Euhomy Ice Maker Machine Countertop

The Euhomy Ice Maker Machine Countertop is our Top Pick ice maker. This portable yet compact clear ice maker is affordably priced, self cleansed, and perfect for your kitchen counter or outdoor adventures. The size, value, and performance make the Euhomy Ice maker our top pick. 

Here are its top features-

  • The design is modern and stylish, elevating your kitchen aesthetics. Made with stainless steel, the body, as well as the ice tray, are anti-corrosive. 
  • The ice maker has a good water reservoir of 2.2 liters which can easily last you for 5 cycles without refill. The ice maker can produce 24 ice cubes within 12 to 18 minutes in one cycle. A one-time full reservoir fillup can give you a good 120 ice cubes. 
  • The water recycling system converts the melted ice into ice again, which means water is efficiently used. 
  • The ice maker is quiet as they come and is a great energy saver appliance. The machine runs digitally, with an electronic light alarm to notify water refill or ice being ready.

Why is clear ice better?

There are several reasons why one can attest that clear ice is better than regular ice. The reasons are centered around water purity, aesthetics, and science. Here are some reasons why clear ice is better

  • Clear ice means pure water – you can’t just get clear see-through ice with any type of water. You need pure and purified water to get the crystal clear ice cubes.
  • Healthier since clear ice is made from pure and clean water, you can be assured that you are taking the best whenever you consume one. There are no impurities, and thus is a healthier choice than regular ice.
  • Odorless you would want your water or ice to be odorless whenever you consume. Odor in water is generally due to impurities. However, since pure water achieves clear ice, you are assured of odorless ice.
  • Melts slower cloudy or white ice is generally formed by freezing from the external, which traps air, making it easier to melt. On the hand, clear ice is formed by freezing inside, ensuring no air pockets. So, clear ice tends to take time to melt, unlike white or standard ice. 
  • Taste clear ice tastes better than regular ice. Since there are no air pockets, they do not absorb any smell or flavor. You can enjoy the pure taste of the water. 
  • Best for drinks a piece of clear ice will ensure that your drink is not diluted with unnecessary smell or taste. Drinks and cocktails taste better with clear ice.
  • Aesthetics a clear glass, dark drink with clear ice is aesthetically pleasing. Swapping to clear ice can surely do the trick if you want to level up your drink and the taste.

How do I get my ice to be clear?

You cannot just get clear ice with regular water and regular refrigeration. It would help get the basics right for starters to get clear ice. Use clean, pure, filtered, or distilled water to make your ice. 

You cannot get clean ice on a regular refrigerator, so you need to make ice on a cooler. After adding water to the cooler, freeze it for 20-24 hours to get clear ice. You will have to employ some labor to convert the ice block into ice cubes. 

If you have a countertop clear ice maker machine at home, you can get clear ice in the comfort of your home. 

How do you make ice clear without a cooler?

If you do not have a cooler lying around the house, there are other ways to make clear ice. Here is a simple way to make ice.

First, boil the water at least twice to get rid of impurities and air bubbles from the water. Allow it to cool while being covered to ensure no dirt on the surface. While it is still warm, transfer it onto the ice tray and cover it with plastic wrap. This will ensure there is no sir when ice is formed. Put the ice tray into the freezer for a few good hours. You will have clean and clear ice without a cooler. 

Another method of making ice without a cooler is making clear ice at high temperatures. However, for this method, make sure you do not have items that need to be stored at low temperatures. 

Turn the freezer’s temperature to the highest, and place boiled or distilled water on the tray into the freezer. Keep the tray in the freezer for a day or more to get clear ice. The slow freezing method ensures no air pockets are formed while freezing. 

Should you use filtered water for clear ice, or can you use a tap?

One of the cardinal rules to get clear ice is using pure or filtered water. If your water contains impurities, the ice will look cloudy and foggy. It is best advised to use filtered water for clear ice. 

Tap water may not be the best water to get clear ice as it may contain impurities and may not be fit for drinking. The average 59 million American households have access to tap water, yet they do not drink it due to mistrust of water quality. If you are unsure of the tap water, use filtered water for clear ice. 

Are there ice makers that make clear ice?

Yes, there are ice maker machines that make clear ice. Several countertop clear ice maker machines are available in the market to make clear ice cubes with a button. 

You no longer have to go to the supermarket to buy clear ice to experience the restaurant like a clear ice drink. With an ice maker machine in your kitchen, you can get an unlimited supply of clear ice. 

After releasing the cubes from the tray, do the cubes remain clear?

If you wonder if the ice cubes remain clear after removing them from the tray, then the answer is yes. Once the clear ice is formed, removing them does not bring any change like the ice; the clear character of the ice remains intact. 

Keeping in the freezer will not make it cloudy or white since it only maintains the freezing temperature and nothing else. 

The clarity of the ice will also not be affected by adding it to your favorite drink or cocktail. It shall only melt and cool your drink while maintaining its clear feature. 

Regular cleaning and maintenance tips

Regular cleaning and maintenance is crucial for keeping your ice maker running efficiently. Here are some tips to ensure your ice maker stays in top shape:

  • Clean the ice maker regularly. Use a mild detergent and warm water to wipe down the exterior and interior of the ice maker. Make sure to remove any ice buildup in the ice tray and empty the drain bucket.
  • Check the water line for any kinks or blockages. A restricted water line can cause the ice maker to work less efficiently or not produce ice at all.
  • Keep the air filter clean. Many ice makers have an air filter that helps to keep the unit running smoothly. Make sure to check and clean the air filter on a regular basis.
  • Don’t overload the ice bin. Overloading the ice bin can cause the ice maker to work harder and less efficiently. Make sure to only fill the ice bin to the designated line.
  • Have the ice maker serviced regularly by a professional. A professional can check for any potential issues and make any necessary repairs to keep your ice maker running smoothly.

What kind of water makes the clearest ice?

As mentioned in the above paragraphs, the best water for making clear ice is pure water, distilled or filtered water. You can also use boiling water to make clear ice. Using such water types makes the clearest ice. Besides the water quality, making ice ensures that you get clear ice. 

Does boiling water help make clear ice?

Just boiling water alone will not give clear ice. Boiling the water removes air pockets trapped in the water and purifies it for consumption. When air pockets are removed, it provides more transparent ice than regular ice.

To get the clear ice, the freezing method plays a crucial role besides the type of water. Even if you add distilled or boiled water to a refrigerator, you cannot get clear ice, and thus, the freezing method makes all the difference. However, boiled water is just an aid. 

Can you buy clear ice cubes?

Yes, you can buy clear ice cubes. Since standard refrigerators do not produce clear ice, you need to purchase clear ice. Clear ice is also commercially produced, and you can also buy it from your nearest supermarkets or supplier. 

If you wish to have a clear ice maker machine for unlimited supply, investing in one is not bad either.

Can you chew clear ice?

It is advised not to chew clear ice as it can cause severe damage to your dental health. Clear ice is hard, with no air pocket, making it hard to chew. 

Clear Ice Maker Reviews 

Frigidaire EFIC452 Ice Maker

Our following product on the top picks is from a trusted kitchen appliance company, the Frigidaire EFIC452 Ice Maker. If you are looking for non-stop clear ice action, this spacious yet compact ice maker will seal the deal for you. 

What do we like?

Large capacity – the ice maker reservoir can store 2.3 liters of water, and you do not have to fill it often.

Less noisethe ice maker makes ice-making a quiet affair. It is quiet and efficient on energy usage. 


  • Extra-large water capacity
  • See-through window design
  • Digital control system


  • Poor customer service and no product parts replacement available

Sentern Portable Countertop Clear Ice Maker

The Sentern Portable Countertop Clear Ice Maker is another of our top pick products. This stylish, modern, clear ice maker will ensure you are well supplied with ice while still looking fabulous in your kitchen.

What do we like?

Ice shape option there are three ice cube shape options available. A 15 min wait will give you a small 20 min wait for medium-sized ice cubes and 25 min for large size ice cubes. 

Design- the ice maker has a modern compact design. 


  • Large water reservoir
  • Ice size options
  • Compact design 


  • Maintenance can be a hassle as it needs regular cleaning after 2-4 uses. 

Newair Silver Counter Top Ice Maker Machine

On our top list is the Newair Silver Counter Top Ice Maker Machine. This ice maker is the ultimate in simplicity for operation, yet power in performance and design. The product will indeed serve your ice craving to the fullest. 

What do we like?

Two-button feature making ice is easy with just the push of a button. You do not need to wreck your brain to get your ice maker to start making ice. 

Insulation the compressor and insulation in this machine is well built. Even if you do not take the ice off immediately, the ice remains for a longer time. 


  • Simple digital two-button features
  • Excellent compressor and insulation
  • Compact yet performs


  • Comparatively, the ice maker makes more sounds

Luma Comfort Clear Ice Cube Maker Machine

The Luma Comfort Clear Ice Cube Maker Machine is another of our top pick products. This affordable ice maker has a modern design suited for your kitchen top, outdoors, and even your office. 

What do we like?

Good compressor the powerful compressor will give you clear solid ice cubes.

Compact design the compact design of the ice maker machine makes it great for kitchens with small spaces. 


  • High quality built
  • Good compressor
  • Modern design 


  • No self-clean feature; cleaning needs to be done manually


At the comfort of your home, you can have restaurant or bar quality ice. You can change your mundane, dull ice to a luxurious one with a clear ice maker. If you are looking for such an experience, our top pick from Euhomy will surely deliver.

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